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CBR Castrol Edge RX2 ran 6.995 @ 196.99MPH!! Mazdabates rail ran 6.97 @ 186MPH!!

What can I say?  I have been on another planet all last night and today, I still cannot believe we just ran a 6.995 at 196.9mph here in NZ!

Not too many people know but the last few weeks has been testing for us even before this first meeting just gone.

We had our first testing a few weeks ago and on the first pass in the top of 1st gear we had a big lean out and popped the intake manifold causing some minor engine damage which we repaired that week. I had made a few minor changes through the engine setup and tune and as a result of this caused a lean out (not enough fuel), basically the setup was working alot better than expected and I underestimated the fuel required.  I did alot of thinking that week and came up with a tune up.  We then headed down to the track on the Friday night for some testing, the result was some very sketchy runs with an amazing amount of power but it was still lacking fuel even with all the injectors maxxed out.
Back at the workshop we decided to fit larger injectors to tame the beast down for the test and tune and first meet weekend just gone.

With no sleep all week with my mind going 200mph I eventually came up with a tune up and hp curve to run.  With only one run on Saturday because of the rain I played it safe and just drove it down the track with some power applied past half way it still went 166mph, just from that I could tell the tune was safe and felt like it would see low to mid 190mph so again no sleep Saturday night re thinking a setup for the car for Sunday, I had so much on my mind as we had made a few changes in the rear end, engine/tune up etc so was nervous to see if it all worked.

1st run burnout felt good and the tune seemed very safe.
It went 1.11 in the 60', 4.795 and 147.8 to half and 7.381 at 189.55mp.h
I was stocked to say the least, the tune was super safe so made no changes and knew it would 60' quicker the next pass once some heat got into the track.

2nd pass it went 1.08 in the 60', 4.65 and 150.6 to half and 7.303 at 186.30mph.
Now it was time for me to work on the tune up and make some power.

3rd pass I bogged it on the line but ran it out the back at 191mph, this told me it'll go fast if it sticks.

4th pass it went 1.096 in the 60', 2.988 to the 330', 4.53 and 159.63 to half  and 6.995 and 196.99mph in the full 1/4!!!!!!!!

Just mind blowing!  Ten years of dreaming just came true!!

For the last pass I decided to make a small change in the tune to see where we could go with it and unfortunately half way through the pass it leaned out and popped the intake again and I quickly shut the engine down, I'm glad I tried it as I know now its tune limit at that boost pressure.  Dylan got the engine out today and the old girl is beautiful and confirming my thoughts about the tune being safe.

I now know to go faster we just need to add boost!!!! yeehaa!  I've dreamt of this day to have a bullet proof 6 second engine, designed, built, tuned and to run in NZ along with a NZ built chassis!  No off the shelf intakes and turbos, no logging, track tuned, solid clutch and all designed and hand made here at CBR.

Thanks Castrol EDGE for keeping my engine mint!  NAC insurance, Masterpower Turbos, HPC Coatings, Mickey Thompson tyres, Popeye Pics, Driveshaft Specialists, GRP.

Paul Jackson, Dylan and the crew, My wife and family and all our customers and supporters

The phone hasn't stopped all day and many thanks for all the kind words and support.


Update - 8 November 2011

We had our first testing for the season on October 29th at Fram Autolite Dragway.  Unfortunately we only got one pass in, and the engine had a lean backfire which resulted in a destroyed intake!  So the week following up to the Nightspeed Drag Wars last Friday, was flat out, working into all hours of the morning – but it all paid off as the car was all good to go Friday afternoon.

We had a great night on Friday, car going well.  A few changes we made during the off-season threw a curve ball last Saturday but are confident we are on top of it now; the small changes made more of a difference than expected and the car seems to be making heaps more horsepower and struggling to control it.

A big thanks to our all crew for all their help, especially Paul, Jon, Dylan & Jason, and thank you to Popeye Pics for the awesome photos.  Very happy and looking forward to next weekend for the 1st Competition meeting at Fram Autolite Dragway.

Rislone Dragster was also going very well, Jon's son Charlie was in the drivers seat getting the controls sorted pretty quickly, he is doing a great job just creeping up on it but am sure will go good when the pedals to the floor the whole way.

Shaun Judd is having a great start to the season with his new turbo setup, on his first meeting in Manfield he came 8th place and his last meeting in Taupo he came 2nd. He is now placed 3rd overall for GT2.

NZDRA Nationals 2011 New PB 7.45 183.5 mph

Another great weekends racing!  We went into the meeting with the sole intention of getting through the rounds and going away with the NZDRA Pro Import/ Sport Compact title.
After a couple of mid 7 second passes on Saturday we qualified 1st.
Sunday racing we started with the same 7.55 tune and the car went 7.57 and 7.56 and high 170's mph, I was struggling a little to get the car to 60', it will usually go 1.10-1.13's but was more around the 1.16 mark.
Come the semi finals we had a bye run so was a good time to try some more power, made a few small changes but after the burnout I could tell it wasn't enough so some changes were quickly made to the tune via the microtech hand controller!
The car bogged but once the motor came back I knew we hit the mark, the motor pulled and revved better than ever through the whole track, I knew it was good.  Another 7.56 at 184mph with a slow 1.22 60 foot!
From that I knew there was a high 7.30 in sight so raised the launch rpm, the car turned the tyres very hard all through 1st gear and I had to hold 10000+rpm and let the car catch the motor so it not to bog going into 2nd gear, the old girl hauled down the hole track and to the teams delight we won the race and run a 7.45 at 183.5mph with a slow 1.18 60' resetting the NZDRA Pro Import mph record and claiming NZ's fastest rotary record!  And still on 30psi boost!
We have one last meeting coming up where we are going to try get our usual 60' back and then up the power some more and for the first time the sole intention will be going faster!

Many thanks to
Castrol Edge, our 20b engine runs the same bearings it had from day one!!
Master Power turbo's, two are the same turbo's off our old 13b!! and still going strong!!
NAC Insurance, thankfully havent needed it!!
Driveshaft Specialists, broken 9'' head, broken 35 spline axels, broken Lenco, broken GF2000, Driveshaft still straight!!
Mickey Thompson, half track burnouts and still 1.10 60'! and still smokin!!
HPC coatings
CBR crew, still ugly, still thirsty and still the best crew in NZ!!!


Videos soon!

CBR/Castrol Edge RX2 - New PB 7.55 @ 179mph

Update coming soon!

CBR/Castrol Edge RX2 new PB 7.65@178mph!

On Sunday we had the 2nd competition meet at Fram Autolite Dragway, we were looking forward to this as the track was going to be good.
The car ran really well but struggled for traction all day but we still came away with a new PB of 7.65@178mph, the 60' was slow with a 1.17 and was struggling for traction the whole run.  Afterwards I realised the tyres are worn much more than I thought so a new pair will be fitted for the next meet.
All in all another good day with plenty more learnt and all the car needs to race again is a new set of tyres.  Video of day is to the right.

Our next meet is the Drag Masters on the 8th of January.

NZPC/ NZV8 Drag Combat 5 December 2010

After the test and tune we decided to pull the motor down for a check and to also try running just the one 60mm wastegate so the changes were made.
We headed off down to Fram for the NZPC/NZV8 2010 Drag Combat.
After the first burnout it was clear to me that the car was making alot more power and after checking the boost controller I was relieved that is was still only 29 psi, had obviously got the boost setting right! It sounded good too, so was pretty sure the tune was still nice and safe, with the launch rpm set to 9000rpm the car just blew the tyres off and with a small pedal it took off again, felt really good but it was turning the tyres way to much down the track and getting off early it ran 7.88, we were stocked!
This was good enough to qualify us second to Robbie Ward in his RIPS dragster.
With a check of the plugs and catch can we could see the tune was safe even with the power it was making, the track wasn't getting any better so we spent the next two runs softening the tune to kill some power to get down the track, we had a tune from the previous meet that we knew would do it and sure enough the car ran smoothly down the track for an easy 7.8 and a win with Robbie turning the red light on.
Second pass we went in the 7.8's again and Robbie taking the win.
The track was getting a little better and we decided to put a bit more tune in the car for the finals, the car left really well but was struggling for traction and I had to get off the gas and on again, it felt so strong and was pulling hard through the track despite turning the tyres the whole way it was pulling good rpm over the line, we missed the win by only meters! Real close race again.
Unfortunately the timers didn't work and we couldn't get a time from the run which was pretty gutting as it was a pb for sure!
Good meet for us in the RX2 with good close racing and alot of data from the car.
Dan Tye did well in his gold animal 323 but struggled with traction all day, showing he really knows this car inside out with some great driving and as usual this little car ran effortlessly all day and ran mid 8's and came away with a new mph pb of 165mph which is the fastest a sport mod car has ever gone here in NZ!! Still with a soft tune this car is showing amazing potential! Good work Dan.
All in all a good day for the CBR team with lots learnt and all cars still going strong! Bring on the next meet which is on 12 Dec at Fram which should be a good track to take the power.
Dans next meet will be Drag masters on the 8th Jan.
Video of the day to the right.

Thanks again to all our sponsors and crew! Castrol Edge, No8, HPC coatings, NAC insurance, Masterpower turbos.
Also big thanks to Azhar for putting on another great meet!

Test and tune 13/14 November

Firstly just want to say a big congrats to Steve Whitham with his 13B turbo dragbike who ran a pb of 8.7 @ 223.84km (1.26 - 60 foot) at the Rotary Summerdrags. This bike is one to watch out for!

We have had an awesome weekend testing at Fram Autolite Dragway, on Saturday Matt Buttimore had his RX4 (YTTRSH) out and Dan Tye with DRMETH. After having last season off, Dan Tye used the day to get used to being back in the drivers seat, his best time on the day was an 8.79 @ 155mph with a slow 60 foot 1.41 and very soft tune.
Dan did a great job driving considering he hasn't been in the hot seat since Feb 2009.
Matt had a few issues with YTTRSH this weekend and think we are on top of it, even with just a couple soft clean passes its still showing massive potential and can't wait to see Matt and "OL SMOKEY" out again.

On Sunday we had the RX2 out, took a good 3 passes for us to get the tune in the right area, once the clutch was dropped in the 4th burnout I knew we were back, the old 20b was pulling 9800rpm with ease and was having to feather the throttle, once I left the line it took of and sounded better than ever and I noticed on the time boards I had just ran a 1.14 60' which confirmed my feelings, from there the pedal was to the metal, the motor still fell off a little short of 9000rpm but knew it was still in the tune up.
7.81 @171mph were the numbers and we were stoked! The best part was the 1.14 60'! The changes we made in the rear end and with the added hp have worked a treat.
With the boost set to 28psi for the day I felt there is a bit more in the tune so for the next pass I did exactly that.
Again the motor felt even better this time in the burnout, the car bogged really bad and I saw 1.24 come up on the timers but the power came on so good and pulled strong to 9200rpm, in the end we ran a 7.88 @ 172mph!
We found the reason for the bog on the start line was a stuck wastegate and as a result could not build any decent boost on the line, this has happened a few tmes now so am looking for a fix!
All in all a good weekend for all and another small step in the right direction.

Thanks to all our sponsors, DRMETH and crew, YTTRSH and crew, Paul, Dan, Emma, Nats, Ricky, Kim and the kids. Also a big thanks to Mazin for the hand controller!

Thanks heaps

Testing at Taupo November 6 2010

After our day at Summerdrags we knew where to go with the tune up, and after the first burnout we knew for sure we were heading in the right direction.  After the 100ft mark the track did not have alot of bite so we used the first part of the track to test the launch rpm and to carry on tuning it at a low boost setting of 23 psi.

We found a good base power level that we could leave the line with, got the tune spot on at that boost level and also at 26 psi.  We feel now that we have a good base chassis and engine tune up to start putting more into it and the next test and tune at Fram Autolite Dragway next weekend.  We can't wait!  Here is a video from the days testing.

Big thanks to Paul (the hairy one haha) for running around helping out as usual!!

Summerdrags October 2010

Finally after putting the new 20B setup in the car, we decided to use the 2010 Rotary Summerdrags meeting as an opportunity to start getting a base tune up.  Was great to be back at the track and we had an awesome day with only a few minor issues with boost control but in the end we won the day. 

Big thanks to our crew & to Tash for putting on yet another great event!

And of course thank you to our sponsors, Castrol Edge, NAC Insurance, No.8, HPC Coatings, Masterpower Turbos and Frontline Fascia & Spouting.

End of season update

Congratulations to Matt Buttimore for winning the NZDRA 2009/10 Sport Compact Series championship - done with a brand new setup this year.

And congratulations to Steve Whitham with the 13B drag bike for a new PB of 8.86, this is a great achievement given this was his debut season and only had a couple of meetings. Watch out for this next season where his ET's will only drop further. Check out the onboard video of his 8.86 run.

We have had a frustrating last few months of the season, since breaking the gearbox at the 4 and Rotary Nationals the decision was made to purchase a new Lenco transmission.  Unfortunately the 5 day freight that we paid for turned out to take 2 weeks which resulted in missing meetings!  When we finally did get to the track for the Nationals the brand new gearbox lost drive in first gear.  We have had to replace a lot of parts this season, axels, diff, gearbox etc, so we are hoping that next season we will not have any more breakages!

During the off season we will be deciding whether we put a 3 rotor into the car or stick with the 13B.  We will update this page with pictures if we decide to go with the 3 rotor.

We would like to thank a lot of people that have supported us this season and helped us in getting this car out in such a short amount of time.

Our sponsors, Castrol Edge, Masterpower Turbos, Oliver @ Frantik, High Performance Coatings (HPC), Matamata Auto Electrical, Superior Paints, Driveshaft Specialists.

Gary & Kate (Mum & Dad) for allowing us to take over their house & workshop for about a year & for making it possible! Paul and Dazz for your countless hours helping during the winter and all throughout the season.  Dan J, Beattie & Matt for all your electrical work (and more!).  Rob Tynan, Matt for the methanol & all your help, Darryl for the parts, Phil Buttimore for the trailer, Ross @ Dobson Dyno Tune, Warren @ Pulse Performance, Steve Whitham, Troy @ Repco and Carl @ C&M, AJ, Sheree, Iuta, Natalie, Ricky, Felicity, Chewy, Liesl, Matt, Cassie, Jake, Steph, Dan, Emma, Dylan, Choppers, Fraser, Jason and the YTTRASH crew.

To all our customers & friends for their support, there will be many people we have missed but you know who you are and thank you.

Without your help it would have not have been possible & we are truly grateful.

Brent & Kim Curran

4 and Rotary North Island Nationals 2010

Just a quick update for now... more to come soon.

Congrats to Matt for running a new PB of 8.65 @ 157MPH

The RX2 ran a 7.79 @ 171 MPH, with a new 60 ft PB of 1.12 which was backed up.

Unfortunately on the last run, second gear was destroyed.


Now with the new Mark Williams diff fitted to the RX2 we headed to Fram Raceway for the Rotary Summer Drags with the RX2 and Matts Sport Mod RX4.
The track didnt have alot of bite in it so we pulled some power out of the cars.
First run we ran 7.70 at 172mph!!  The team was stoked!!  Setting the new NZ rotary record!!
1.13 60' 4.90 at 141.6mph 1/8
Best thing was this was with a heap less power in the tune up.
Second pass the car bogged as the track was a bit better and went 1.19 to the 60' and went 7.82 and 172.2mph.
Third pass I raised the launch rpm and the car went 1.16 to the 60' and 7.79 and 173.4mph.
Fourth pass the car left fast but with a slight correction and a pedal on the gas it went 1.17 and 7.82 at 172mph.
The last pass saw an all CBR final with Matt and I.
I had to raise the launch rpm again as the track was getting better through the day, this saw the car go 1.13 to the 60' 4.89 and 140mph to half track and finally another 7.70 at 172mph to take the final and end the day.
Matt had traction problems all day as the tyres had gone off a bit but still managed to run a 9.0 at 162mph showing great power even with the psi pulled out of it.

In-car footage of 7.82 run

Thanks to Jason Horn for the footage.

Video of first 7.70 run

Photos below by RooWills Photography & Sheree Jackson

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